Rizieq’s Lawyer Requested the Arrest of AKKBB’s Chief

Kurniawan Tri Yunanto
25 Agustus 2008 – 17:35 WIB

VHRmedia, Jakarta – Habib Rizieq Sihab’s Lawyer asked the presiding judge of his client’s case to arrest Anick H Tohari. He assured that Anick, a witness in this case had lied and was provoking.

IndraSahnunLubis, the lawyer, accused the chief of National Alliance for Religious Freedom (AKKBB) Anick H. Tohari had given false oath in court and had provoked the Islam Defender Front (FPI) to attack people who attended the commemoration of Pancasila in the National Monument on1 July 2008. “We ask the police to arrest this witness, for insulting our teacher,” he said in the State Court of Central Jakarta on Monday, 25 August 2008.

Indra, who is also the chairman of The Indonesian Lawyers Association, said that Anick H Tohari had provoked the FPI by disseminating two different pamphlets in the commemoration day. “He said that the invitation was to commemorate the birthday of Pancasila, but he also made statements about the oppression ofAhmadiyah. He then spread other pamphlets to other religious leaders,” IndraSahnun said.

The presiding judge PanusunanHarahap examined the statements and questions that the lawyer team wanted to ask Anick H. Tohari but assessed that they werenot relevantfor the accusation. The judge reminded the lawyers not to give a direct opinion on the case,as they so far had only heard one witness. “I ask them to not put this out of context. HabibRizieq is accused of harming other people, and forspreading hate among Indonesia’s people. Please focus on this,” he said.

In his testimony, Anick H Tohari said that AKKBB’s members came to the National Monument to celebrate the birthday of Pancasila, and it was not related to Ahmadiyah. But before they began the commemoration, a group of people wearing FPI’s uniform attacked the members of AKKBB including children and women. “We held the action not for the Ahmadiyah, but for the AKKBB. But we must defend the rights of Ahmadiyah,” he said.

In the previous court session the prosecutor had judged that the leader of FPI RizieqShihab had influenced people to commit violence and preached hate to other groups. Rizieq is threatened with a prison term of 5.5 years. (E1/E6)

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