On July 24, 2009, 21 graduates from the School of Peace in India visited the SATUNAMA Training Centre in Duwet, Sendangadi for study comparison. This group was organized by Mr. Anick HT, Executive Director of Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace (ICRP) visited SATUNAMA to build networks and develop participant capacity in community organizing and capacity building.

‘This visit is part of the Fundamentalism and Reading Our Sacred Text training held by the Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) with Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace (ICRP) and Interfaith Dialogue Community (MADIA). We chose SATUNAMA for one of our visits because the School of Peace has a community development agenda. We rate SATUNAMA as an institution that consistanly care develops cadres, activists, and thinkers from their training and workshops,’ Anick said. He also added that SATUNAMA is a well organized institution so the participants could learn a lot from it about organizational management and programs.

The participants came from Cambodia, New Zealand, Burma, and some areas of Indonesia and represent Islamic, Christian. Chatolic, Buddha, and traditional religions. They discussed with Meth Kusumahadi, chairperson of the SATUNAMA board of trustees, and former SATUNAMA Director, about SATUNAMA organizational history and programs.

‘All SATUNAMA programs have the main purpose of stregtening civil society in Indonesia through stregtening universal values and promoting democracy in the community. This process is implemented through training, facilitation, and consultancy services. Programs such as clean water infrastructure, the mobile library, and small enterprise development have the same long-term goals, making our communities independent and able to determine what is best for themselves,” Meth said.

After three hours of discussion, the participant visited the Ahmadiah Mosque that was targetted by a fundamentalist community, and Nurul Ummahat boarding school headed by Abdul Muhaimin which represents moderate boarding school with interfaith and pluralism programs.


Source: Satunama